We are growing our network each day…

With a long-term track record of success in Bay Area recruiting, we’ve built an impressive network of high-quality candidates. 

  • We pride ourselves on providing the best candidates in the Bay Area, excellent client service and a transparent end-to-end process. Our proven track record has earned us a number of exclusive contracts. In fact, we are the top-rated accounting / finance supplier with many of our clients. 
  • We share your goal of finding candidates who are a long-term fit. By thoroughly interviewing potential candidates, we not only recognize their skillset, we understand their career progression.
  • Our pulse on the job market enables us to provide guidance on the appropriate headcount and structure for your organization. 
  • By understanding supply and demand trends in Bay Area hiring, we’ve advised our clients on appropriate salary ranges and how these trends affect key positions. Our clients are then able to budget headcount and salaries accordingly.
  • We have a professional, high-energy team that works together seamlessly at a speed that matches the urgency of your hiring needs.
  • We’re a minority-owned firm certified by the Northern California Minority Supplier Diversity Council and the Public Utilities Commission. We can help you meet supplier diversity requirements.